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Mick Extance Experience

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Hi Mick & Rich,

Just had to email to thank you for the most amazing day yesterday. I’ve had the biggest grin and have been talking about it non-stop all day.

Having never done anything like this before, I was nervous and anxious that I might hold people up. As soon as I was on the bike and heading up the track, you made me feel relaxed and ready for a great day riding.

Your instructing skills were brilliant, I’ve learnt some really good techniques and can’t wait to get back out.

Anyway, thanks again. I’ll be back at some point to conquer that hill !!



I have to say I had the most amazing day yesterday. I'd booked for my 14 year old son and his friend to go on a Mick Extance Honda off Road Experience in Wales and somehow managed to get myself booked on it as well.

So I woke up early yesterday morning with a huge knot in my stomach thinking what the hell was I thinking and I had 2.5 hours drive for the reality of what I'd done to sink in.

When I'd booked, Richard said don't worry we'll put an extra instructor on for you so you can go at your own pace. Didn't need him, move over Eddie the Kid, Sally Sheene was in town. As two of us hadn't ridden a bike before they did the usual how to ride a bike and wouldn't move on until we knew how to ride the bike properly then we went off road up in to the hills.

It was an awesome experience you'd got the most stunning views of the mountains and the amazing aroma of wood as they were cutting down some trees in the Forrest. Yeah, the boys weren't too interested in that part.

We had so much fun, we went down narrow steep mud tracks where we had to use just the clutch, brake and your legs to guide you through, riding through rutted tracks and learning how to ride up steep hills, all very challenging. I made sure I left plenty of room between the boys and myself as it was very muddy and there were huge puddles.

I even tried to stand up on the bike, well, it was a huge puddle and I thought better to just have wet legs than the whole body.

I have to say as a women trying to do a really boy thing it was one of the easiest things I've ever done. The instruction was easy to follow and at no time did I ever feel totally out of my depth. I think the boys try to make it look hard and butch so women wont give it a go so they can keep all the fun to themselves.

I felt like I was the same age as my son and his friend and it wasn't until I got off the bike at the end of the day that I realised I wasn't, as I could hardly walk!!!

I'm thrilled that I was so pushed out of my comfort zone because I felt so elated that Id given it a go. I enjoyed it so much I want to go back.

Sally Brennan

Dear Mick, Richard, Ian and the whole team,

I wanted to say a very big heartfelt thanks for an amazing, exhilarating, fun, scary, awesome and confidence boosting day on the 20th of April. The last time I rode a bike I was 17...I am now 43..to say that I was rusty is a major understatement. To say that I was nervous about whether I would fit in as a woman would also be an understatement.

To my absolute joy I found that the instructors were relaxed, patient, focused on our own needs...which meant that the worry I had in holding back the more experienced riders was unfounded. The groups were split well and the riding pitched to an appropriate level - we were stretched but were given the the theory of how to attack each section first. It was a great feeling coming through terrain that I would not have ever thought I could handle.

I cannot recommend the day highly enough to any rider - but especially to any lady who is even curious about what Enduro is...I walked away feeling on top of the world and totally enthused to do more riding...the whole team looks after you so well and with humour and genuine care.

Thank you so much. Warmest regards, Leanne Wray

HI Rich, Mick,

Just a quick note to thanks for such a wonderful experience today – Bryce loved it (I loved it too – well – all of me except my ribs loved it...). It was a very special day made all the more special by your guidance, attention , and help; and your encouragement of Bryce will stay with him forever.

We will be putting lots of good stuff on facebook / all the other sites etc. Might even send you a piccie of my ribs when they are nice and black/blue.

Best regards and many many thanks again for a fantastic day.

Keith and Bryce.

PS – please send our best wishes to all the other guys on the day – what a great bunch.


Been riding for 32 years but still learnt so much on this day. Had one of the most enjoyable motorcycling experiences ever. Can't recommend highly enough. Mick and his team were so professional, knowledgeable and likeable. A great all round memorable day that any biker at any level should experience!!!

Cheers, Dave - Leeds

A great day and can't say enough good things about Mick, Rich and his team. Still aching two days later but for all the right reasons. Great pic's. Thanks so much for a top day. If anyone is thinking about doing this I would suggest you just get on and book it, best £200 I've parted with.

Pete on Facebook